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BioStine Galasalate

Galactosyl Salicylate
    CAS NO. / INCI :
    Galactosyl Salicylate
  • Ingredients Description:
  • Stimulating the regeneration of the epidermis by regulating the metabolism of the keratin, which in turn lightens the skin tone and makes it look younger, BioStine Galasalate is a combination of galactan and salicylate, which was developed with this purpose in mind. It is a highly water soluble, low irritation, mild and moisturizing active ingredient that can be used in aging products to achieve a repairing function by activating cells.

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  • Group:BioStine Series / Active Ingredient Additives
  • Most of the raw material sources of this series use fermentation and purification technology to extract yeast or lactic acid bacteria derivatives; or use supercritical fluid extraction to extract the most essential part of the plant at low temperature and high pressure, without affecting the activity of each extract.

BioStine Series

Active Ingredient Additives