Since our establishment in 2000, we have been investing in the research and development of biochemical ingredients for cosmetics and the development of special cosmetic formulas by investing various professional talents and precision instruments. In addition to the development of high-tech herbal plant extraction technology, the use of professional precision equipment to extract natural plant extracts to develop a variety of suitable for the skin ingredients and products, but also invested in the active ingredient coating technology, and the use of microbial fermentation mass production of special biochemical ingredients and other biochemical field of research and development and manufacturing.

Vision & Philosophy

As the first company in Taiwan to manufacture its own skin care ingredients, we are committed to improving the technology and effectiveness of the active ingredients in various skin care products with the belief in technology and the mission of user health. Our experience and service are our competitive advantage in the market. In the future, we will focus more on the development and manufacture of innovative ingredients, with the goal of providing customers with comprehensive solutions and finding the answers they need.

We insist on the belief that Bio-Nest Biochemical Technology CO., Ltd can become the R&D department of our customers and help you succeed in order to confirm the value of our existence.

Research & Development Objective

It is the goal of Bio-nets to provide effective ingredients that are gentle to the skin, non-irritating, without side effects, and highly absorbent. We hope that through the efforts and research of our professional team, we can improve the technical level and quality of domestically biochemical ingredients.

Strategy Alliance

In order to expand R&D results and manufacturing technologies in a more cost and resource efficient manner, Bio-nest has conducted technical exchanges with a number of well-known domestic and foreign companies and signed industry strategic alliance agreements. In the future, we will do closer resource integration and cooperation with a more comprehensive global marketing arrangement and operational considerations.

Natural. Effective. Safe. Technical

With research, innovation, honesty, and service as its purposes, Bio-Nest not only continues to expand its product range to fully supply customers' needs, but in the future, Bio-Nest expects to become a major supplier of raw materials to the global cosmetic and skincare industry, working together with the world's top biotech companies for a healthier and more beautiful future for human beings, and also hoping to provide customers with gate-keeping and assurance of "naturalness," "effectiveness," "safety," and "technology”.