Precise control of the particle size of the raw material with precision equipment.
The active ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids and other special biochemical extracts are utilized to their fullest potential.
SunCat Series

Encapsulated Chemical Sunscreens

The unique soluble properties of this series are particularly suitable for making stable, soft-touch sunscreens that provide superior protection. BioNest uses a unique encapsulation technology to stabilize the chemical UV filter in the sunscreen to ensure a long-lasting and consistent sun protection factor (SPF). The water-based encapsulating properties of SunCat sunscreens make them easier to apply, even without being absorbed by the skin, so they are non-sensitizing and stay on the skin longer and safer, allowing for the simplest and least amount of sunscreen combination to achieve a stable, consistent broad-spectrum high sunscreen standard.

DermoCapsule 1st

Double-encapsulated Active Ingredient Sphere

Double-encapsulated active ingredient particles, the inner layer can be encapsulated with various water-based and oil-based active ingredients to form liposomes, which can avoid the interaction of each ingredient and can effectively stabilize the active ingredients and extend the shelf life. The liposomes have a slow release effect to prolong the action of the active ingredients. The outer layer of capsules protects the inner layer of liposomes from light, heat and oxidation, and forms a variety of colorful spheres visible to the eye.

DermoCapsule 2nd Rebirth

Three-layer Structured Color Sphere

DermoCapsule Rebirth is a three-layer structured color sphere series, which really achieves the result of encapsulating oleophilic and hydrophilic active substances, forming a visible appearance of one oil drop in one water drop, and presenting it to consumers in a visual way; in terms of product application, it can be easily combined with creams/lotions/serums, providing more matching requirements and abundant combination applications.

DermoCapsule 3rd EO

Visible Micro-particles in Watery Texture

The unique encapsulation technology that eliminates excess carriers that are not needed by the skin, preserves the oily essence in visible micro-particles. When the serum first comes into contact with the skin, it instantly bursts into fine water molecules, giving you a refreshing feeling that is different from that of ordinary oil-based serums, and then penetrates into the skin's epidermis, releasing the visible micro-particles and allowing the active serum to be quickly absorbed into the skin.

Product Series

CeraSkin Series


It is present in the interstitial space of keratinocytes and helps the skin to perform its moisturizing function and maintain the structural integrity of the stratum corneum. As the amount of ceramide decreases with age, so it needs to be replenished at the right time to maintain the normal barrier function of the skin, to avoid damage from the environment, and to maintain the vitality of the skin and strengthen the immune function.

ChcoGum Series

Hydrophilic / Lipophilic Hydrogel Bulk Polymerization

It is a Hydrophilic/lipophilic hydrogel bulk polymerization with excellent thixotropic properties, which improves the feel of the product, eliminates stickiness, improves waterproofness, and improves degree of emulsification and viscosity. This series is available in cationic, anionic and amphoteric types.

Marine Series

Marine Anti-aging

Anti-aging has been the most appealing claim, and Marine series were created fulfilling this demand. It can decrease the fine lines on skin and give you a healthy look. It also introduces a new way of skin care product: a.) Activate the self-rejuvena