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BioStine Bicach

Lactococcus Ferment Extract
    CAS NO. / INCI :
    Lactococcus Ferment Extract
  • Ingredients Description:
  • Bicach is a biotechnology product applied to the human skin, targeting the aging keratinocytes, excessive sebum and lipid peroxide produced by oxidation, Bicach will release enzymes to produce enzyme catalysts to break them down into CO2, H2O, and other skin-whitening amino acids, vitamins A and C, and lactic acid, collectively known as whitening complex factors.

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  • Group:BioStine Series / Active Ingredient Additives
  • Most of the raw material sources of this series use fermentation and purification technology to extract yeast or lactic acid bacteria derivatives; or use supercritical fluid extraction to extract the most essential part of the plant at low temperature and high pressure, without affecting the activity of each extract.

BioStine Series

Active Ingredient Additives