Raw Material R&D

We have invested in various professional talents and precision instruments to develop biochemical raw materials for skin care and special skin care formulations.

Plant Extraction

We develop high-tech herbal plant extraction technology and use professional precision instruments to extract natural plant extracts to develop various raw materials and products suitable for skin.

Microbial fermentation and mass production

We are engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of biochemical fields such as the production of special biochemical ingredients by microbial fermentation.

Supercritical Fluid Extraction

Using the highest technology of modern " Supercritical Fluid Extraction ", we have succeeded in refining a variety of extracted materials with high purity and excellent efficacy.

Microcapsule Encapsulating Technology

Using precision equipment to precisely control the particle size of raw materials, we can make the most of various active ingredients including vitamins, amino acids and other special biochemically extracted materials.

Data Testing

We provide objective test data on various effective ingredients for the key areas of personal beauty care, such as sun protection, whitening, and anti-aging.