Skin Firming & Elasticity Enhancement Series
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Skin Firming & Elasticity Enhancement
Skin Firming & Elasticity Enhancement
Marine Rich 500P
INCI Name: Hydrolyzed Collagen
It's the basic element of all connective tissues, account for 40% of all protein in body. It's also the essential element of youthful skin. Increasing the percentage of collagen in skin will improve the skin elasticity, strengthen its defense ability
Group: Marine Series
Function List:  
Anti-aging, Skin Renewal, Protection Enhancement, Stretch Marks Treatment, Stimulating Tissue Regeneration, Eliminating Stretch Marks, Skin Firming & Elasticity Enhancement, Sunblock & Whitening, Cell Regenerating, Improving Skin Smoothness, Elasticity & Tone Enhancing, Breast Elasticity Enhancing, Supporting Tissue Strengthening,
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